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Wealth Protection

Protecting what is important to you

We understand it is important to plan your life create and build up your wealth, as well as protect and manage the wealth you had built

Wealth protection is the protection of you and your family or estate including;

  • Life ,disability , dread disease cover
  • Health cover
  • Asset protection- home , cars and personal belongings
  • Preservation of your assets
  • Business protection


Health care is needs matched as no two people of families have the same precise needs but could typically include; 

  • Medical aid
  • Medical insurance and hospital cash plans
  • Primary care or day to day benefits
  • Gap cover (covers medical aid short falls)
  • Healthcare financing


Life has many unforeseen events- Risk protection is about the protection of you and your family in the event of unforeseen events;

  • Life Assurance cover in the event of your or a loved one`s death.
  • Disability cover for permanent or temporary disablement
  • Income protection to protect your daily living
  • Dread disease cover
  • Healthcare and health protection

Asset Protection

Asset protection ensures your valued possessions are insured against theft , fire and unforeseen events . It includes; 

  • Home insurance against fire and natural causes like lightening
  • Home contents cover- furniture and fittings
  • Car or motor cycle insurance
  • All risk cover- possessions you take outside of your home like a mobile phone or sport equipment
  • Liability cover to protect you from third parties
  • SASRIA- cover from political riots
  • Home office cover if you work from home

Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation is about accumulating wealth through various assets (cash , property and investments) – this phase also includes budgets, cash flow management, debt management and a structured financial plan to meet your goals.

Wealth Preservation is equally important once you have accumulated assets which now have to be carefully managed to ensure they continue to grow rather than be eroded. Accumulated assets will need to fund income for retirement , tax planning for a myriad of tax implications becomes critical i.e estate duty , capital gains tax, income tax etc

Is your will up to date and have you had an accurate estate plan exercise done?

Short Term Investments

Based on your risk profile this is typically investments in the  1 month to 1 year horizon including;

  • Bank savings and money market instruments
  • Bonds (government and quasi government bonds)
  • Stock exchange and shares short term positions
  • Hedge funds

Medium Term Investments

Based on an appropriate risk profile medium term investments have a 3-5 year strategy in mind and can include;

  • Share portfolios
  • Unit trusts
  • Listed Property funds
  • Endowment plans
  • Exchange traded or index tracker funds

Long Term Investments

With an appropriate risk profile and asset allocation strategy , long term investments include investment with a time line of 5 years and longer;

  • Endowments
  • Managed share portfolios
  • Pension , Provident fund and retirement savings & investments
  • Personal property – home / holiday home
  • Unit trusts
  • Exchange traded funds