Rockfin Wealth Management subsidiary of Transformation Capital Group are pleased to launch their own model portfolios managed by Momentum Investments on their behalf. Model portfolios provide a simple, cost effective means of appointing an expert investment manager to manage clients’ portfolios. This is done in line with investment objectives as identified the financial advisor in consultation with clients. Clients with a similar risk outlook and return objective are invested into a carefully selected range of investment options, which are specifically designed to cater for the needs of the group of clients in question. This collection of investment options is known as a Model Portfolio. This active approach to managing assets is critical to ensure performance in a very challenging market so clients have peace of mind knowing that their investments are continually aligned to their strategy rather than a dart board approach to investing. Of particular interest is the fact that the investment strategies are also available on other investment platforms like INVESTEC in order that clients need not physically have to move their assets unnecessarily. The team are currently in negotiation to add their portfolios to more platforms for greater reach says Mike Eslick Managing Director

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